Pitch Parties!

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Who loves pitch parties?!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. Pitch parties take place on Twitter on set dates and within a set time frame. Unpublished authors can pitch their manuscripts, making sure to stay within Twitter’s 280 character limit (this includes the hashtags, so it can be challenging to write a catchy blurb within the limited character count). There are so many different pitch events, depending on genre, etc. Each event has its own rules and its own hashtags that must be used.

As an aspiring author, Twitter pitch events are a fun way to try to catch an agent’s or publisher’s eye. If an agent or editor “hearts” (or likes) your tweet, that is your invitation to query them for an “above the slush pile” look at your work. Nothing is guaranteed, but pitch events are a fun supplement to the usual querying process. And you just never know! I’ve heard some success stories where authors have connected with agents during these events!

At the very least, these events are FUN! And they offer opportunity for TONS of networking! I’ve connected with so many people in the writing community through pitch events. They are also good PRACTICE! We all have to be able to write a blurb about our manuscripts every time we send out a query, so why not write a pitch and at least TRY during a pitch party, right?!

Tomorrow, I’ll be participating in #FaithPitch for the first time. #FaithPitch is for authors of fiction and non-fiction written from a Christian worldview. I’ll be pitching 4 picture book manuscripts. Check out more about Faith Pitch here: https://www.faithpitch.com/

I’ve previously participated in these pitch events:

#PBPitch for authors of picture books : http://www.pbpitch.com/

#PitMad for all genres : https://pitchwars.org/pitmad/

#WMPitch for children’s fiction from picture book to young adult : https://write-mentor.com/

And there are many others! This isn’t a comprehensive list, but here are the links to some others I’ve heard of, for your reference:

#DVPit : https://www.dvpit.com/about

#KissPitch : https://allthekissing.com/kisspitch/

#LatinxPitch : https://latinxpitch.wordpress.com/

#PitDark : https://jasonhuebinger.com/pitdark/

Happy writing! And happy pitching!


  1. Mossie Goodin says:

    Keep pitching! mom

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  2. Genevieve Gorback says:

    Great intro to Pitch Parties!

    I love the anticipation of preparing for a Pitch Party. It’s so fun trying to boil your manuscript into a succinct, interesting sentence or two. It’s stressful and disappointing, too, but also fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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