50 Precious Words

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com

It’s an exciting time to be a picture book writer! There are so many fun events and contests throughout the year. This week is the #50PreciousWords contest, run by author Vivian Kirkfield.

As you may have guessed, stories entered in this contest cannot exceed 50 words. It’s more challenging than it sounds to write a story with a true story arc in such a limited word count. But picture book writers know to make every word count, so this contest is great practice at cutting out all the unnecessary fluff.

Read more about the #50PreciousWords contest here.

My story is a simple mono-rhyme, inspired by my son’s love of kites. You can read my entry below:

Goodnight, Kite

By Jessica Hinrichs

(50 words)

Colors bright,

Noon sunlight,

Wind just right,

Let’s fly, kite!

Holding tight,

Bumpy flight,

Losing height,

Down comes kite!

Hard fought fight,

Try despite

One failed flight.

Bounce back, kite!

Up goes kite!

Soaring height,

Pure delight,

Great flight, kite!

Fading light

Turns to night.

Tucked in tight,

Goodnight, kite.



  1. Love it! I can just see all the beautiful kite illustrations!

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  2. All right Jessica (just to rhyme!) eheh great poem and congratulations! Regards, Amy & Greg

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  3. Debbie PATTON says:

    love this!! Debbie

    Sent from my iPhone


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