I’m Feeling…

Spring Fling FOMO

Fear Of Missing Out. 😬

Do you ever feel like this?

As a member of the writing community, I sure do from time to time. I want to do it ALL and be involved in ALL the things. All the organizations, all the conferences, all the webinars, all the pitch events, all the contests. Think Veruca from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. “I want the whole world! Give it to me now!” 😉

But the reality is, it’s just not possible. Many of us are parents and/or work other jobs, have households to maintain, groceries to shop for, appointments to keep, and the list goes on. And ya know, we occasionally need to sleep or think about things unrelated to our writing.

There’s just not time for everything.

Cost is another factor. If you really wanted to, you could go broke pursuing this dream of being published. It costs (sometimes lots of) money to maintain membership in all the organizations, take courses, etc.

There are many legitimate reasons why someone can’t realistically do it all. I say this to console myself as much as anyone else, because I’m feeling FOMO at the moment. While I entered the last 4 writing contests (Fall Writing Frenzy, Holiday Helpers, Valentiny, and 50 Precious Words), I am reluctantly choosing not to enter the Spring Fling contest that starts tomorrow.

After 4 contests and lots of manuscript drafts over the last 8 months or so, my brain is tired, I’m preparing for Easter, and I just couldn’t think of a story idea for Spring Fling. Simple as that.

Instead, I’ll be cheering on my critique partners from the sidelines this time around! 🎉

I feel FOMO, but guess what? It’s OKAY and it’s NORMAL to go through slumps or periods of time when you’re feeling uninspired.

I love this writing life so much that I could work on it from the time I open my eyes in the morning until the time I lay my head on my pillow at night. But I’m a mama and I have other responsibilities to consider. And we all need breaks from time to time to avoid burnout.

So what do we do to feel inspired again? 🤔

Take time off. Let your manuscripts sit for awhile and do something else you enjoy. Read. Bake. Play outside in the sun. Anything that brings you joy. Don’t put yourself on an arbitrary timeline. Your stories will still be here when you’re ready to get back to them. Contests and pitch events will roll around again. And I don’t think there will ever be a shortage of webinars, courses, or organizations to join.

Inevitably, you will feel inspired again at some point. When that happens, roll with it! Write what you LOVE, cast your net widely when you query (yes, this is a game of chance in many ways, but you control how many times you roll the dice), and enjoy the process. And when you need a break again or you’re stressing over a contest because you’re just flat out of ideas, give yourself grace.

Your worth isn’t determined by your success. Live, laugh, love…and if that includes writing or other ventures, great! If not, that’s okay. You are enough. And I am too.

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  1. Laura says:

    I can tell you’re a writer by what you say and how you say it. Good post.

    Liked by 1 person

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