Kids’ Choice Contest 2022

Happy New Year!

I’m excited to kick off 2022 with what else, but another kidlit writing contest. This contest is super special because KIDS get to choose the winners. And they’re the ones who matter the most anyway, right?! Read all about the first annual Kids’ Choice Kidlit Writing Contest on Kailei Pew’s blog here. Kailei has put together a panel of around 100 kid judges, and it’s going to be so fun to find out which stories they choose!

Now, admittedly, I didn’t write an entirely new story for this contest. My entry is a (shorter version of a) story I originally wrote for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2020 Holiday Contest, where it won an Honorable Mention. That story was 250 words, but I shortened this one a bit to fit the word count parameters for this contest. I hope you like it!


By Jessica Hinrichs

Genre: PB (199 words)

It was a peaceful Christmas Eve on the farm. The animals were snoring softly when suddenly . . .


“What on earth?!” Duck cried.

The barn door creaked open and in stepped . . .


“HO, HO, HELLO! I’m in a bit of a pickle, friends. Could you lend a helping hand?”

“Would you settle for a helping hoof?” asked Pig.

Santa chuckled. “Ohhh, yes!”

“How can we help, Santa?” Horse asked.

Santa explained, “My sleigh flew into stormy weather and crashed. But music will restore its power so it can fly again. I need the most magical, merry melodies you can muster!”

“We love to sing!” Cow replied.

The animals gathered around Santa’s sleigh.

Cow crooned, “Have yourself a MOOEY little Christmas.”

Horse hummed, “A-NEIGH in a manger.”

Sheep shrilled, “Jingle BAA, Jingle BAA.”

The sleigh sputtered. “It’s working!” Santa shouted. “Keep singing!”

Pig squealed, “OINK to the world.”

Duck bebopped, “QUACKin’ around the Christmas tree.”

A choir of cats harmonized, “We wish you a MEOWY Christmas.”

It was the sweetest serenade Santa had ever heard!

The sleigh REVVED . . . it ROARED . . . it ROCKED . . . 

then it lifted off the ground!!

The animals cheered!

“Thank you, friends!” Santa waved. “You’ve saved Christmas!”

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  1. Love it! Great job!!

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