Chicken Soup day!

This year has turned out to be a sparse writing year for me. Other things have demanded my attention and, while I have written a few things here and there, my motivation and ideas have been lacking as of late.

Somehow though, some good things have still happened!

Most of you already know that I had a story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and the book is available in bookstores TODAY!!

I’ve been reading Chicken Soup since I was a teenager, so I’m honored and proud to have my words in one of their books. This story is extra special to me too because it’s the miraculous story of my son’s birth—how God surprised us and granted the desires of our hearts for a child after 11 years of marriage and infertility, and sustained and protected Samuel in my womb throughout incredible pregnancy complications. Our story sounds nearly impossible, but nothing is impossible with God!

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the other big news from the past month, which is…I got to meet my critique partner Molly in person!!!

Molly and her family traveled to Disney on vacation, so my family took a few days to head down to Orlando to see them! There was no way I could have my CP this close and not make every effort to go meet her!!

This is the second critique partner I’ve met in person this year!! (I met Lindsey in March!) One of the perks to living in Florida is that people love to come here on vacation…which works out great for me! 😄

These ladies are so special to me. Our critique group has been together since 2020, and we literally chat daily, not only about writing but about every aspect of our lives. They’ve become some of my very best friends. So, to have met TWO of them this year has been two big highlights of my year! 💖💖


  1. mimi080106 says:

    Cindy Andrus ordered her copy. Now I need to bring it down for an autograph!Sent from my Samsung Galaxy , an AT&T LTE smartphone

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  2. I feel you regarding other things vying for your attention especially, and yet look at all the great things you are accomplishing. Your Saturday Strides have provided so much encouragement and opportunities to celebrate the little things (and the big ones!). Congratulations, my friend! Sending blessings on top of blessings for writing inspiration and more big celebrations coming your way!

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    1. Thank you, friend!! ❤️


  3. Mossie Goodin says:

    So proud of you and blessed to be your mom❤️ Love you so much❤️❤️❤️ Sent from my iPhone


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  4. seschipper says:

    Congratulations on all of your successes! 🙂

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