Writing Year in Review, 2022

Happy New Year, friends! 🎉 This past year has felt like a sparse writing year for me, so I almost chose not to write a Year in Review blog. But in looking back over the year, I realized there’s actually a lot to celebrate.

Here’s what happened in 2022:

  • I had a story accepted and published in Chicken Soup for the Soul.
  • I had a haiku accepted and published in The Poetry Pea anthology and podcast.
  • In March, I was selected as a PB Party Finalist for my manuscript TOUCAN TANGO.
  • I received an Honorable Mention in the #50PreciousWords contest.
  • I initiated and ran #SaturdayStrides on Twitter for the whole year.
  • I received a request from an editor at Skyhorse Publishing for my manuscript THE MERRY MELODY FARM.
  • I received 6 hearts ♥️ from agents in various pitch contests.
  • I won several book giveaways and one critique giveaway.
  • My wonderful critique partners and I created and hosted the first annual #KidLitVibes writing contest. We had a stellar group of published authors come on board to donate prizes (critiques, books, etc), and we had a great turnout of writers enter the contest (135!!). It was a huge success, we had a ton of fun, and we only expect #KidLitVibes to continue to grow from here.
  • But, the most exciting thing to happen in 2022, was that I got to meet two of my critique partners in person. I met Lindsey in March, and I met Molly in August. And seriously, these were two of the biggest highlights of my year. 💕💕

And, because I always say you can’t be a writer without also being a reader, here are some of my favorite reads from the year, along with lots of library books we read too.

Looking forward to a great 2023! 😍


  1. ReadRenard says:

    Chicken soup for the soul! That’s some nostalgia. I haven’t thought about those books in a while, but my mother devoured every one she found

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  2. Wow, you had an amazing year! So proud of you! Meeting in person was definitely one of the highlights of my year, too ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, friend! 😘


  3. Steena Hernandez says:

    What a great year! Wishing you many more successes, Jessica! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Steena!! 🥰


  4. Sarah Meade says:

    Super post, Jessica! You’ve been busy! I love reading about your successes. Congratulations! Meeting CPs in real life is a goal of mine. Hope 2023 is full of great things for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same for you, Sarah!! Thank you! 🥰

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